We provide carpet from all of the major mills in polyester and nylon. We have selections in berber to frieze and keep carpet in stock in our warehouse. Carpet selections range from base grade to hospitality high design. We see most people using carpet in bedrooms and family rooms, as well as porches and basements. We start installation by taking out the old carpet, inspecting the tack strip, then adding our 8lb moisture barrier premium pad and finally lay the carpet, seaming it as needed (no, you won’t see the seam) and then stretching it in.


Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank is the newest product in flooring. Most people still call this laminate because it floats on top like laminate. LVP is 100% waterproof, especially when the core of the product is not made of wood. It floats on top of your subfloor and looks exactly like wood or tile.

LVT/LVP works well in almost any room including kitchens and bathrooms and is a great alternative to hardwood. When we install this we will ensure that your floors are level and then we will install it leaving a gap around the edges for expansion if needed. This gap is then covered up usually by quarter round or the baseboards. Although floating or click is the most common in residential, glue down LVP/LVT is an option as well.


More and more people are opting for LVT/LVP rather than sheet vinyl.  This is one of our favorites in the right places.  The key to sheet vinyl is getting the underlayment as smooth as possible.  We work to have options for everyone’s preference.


Over the years we have been doing hardwood jobs.  We install prefinished and unfinished wood in order to make them the floors you have been dreaming of.



Our installers love installing ceramic, whether it is a bathroom, kitchen or backsplash. Our team enjoys making ceramic projects the best that they can.  We ensure that we have the right underlayment for the ceramic, then work hard to ensure straight lines that make ceramic pop.